World Greeting Cards

World Greeting Cards

Christopher Corr

Christopher Corr was born and raised in London and studied at the Royal College. He has written and illustrated several books and his art can be found in many private and museum collections around the world.


Beach Holiday

Carole Singers


José Francisco Borges

The woodblock prints of northeastern Brazil began as an offshoot of a folk art known as literatura de cordel

or string literature. For centuries, folk poets roamed the countryside telling stories of historic events and selling their transcribed poems with woodblock print covers to rural audiences. José Francisco Borges was an herb seller, bricklayer, farmhand, carpenter and potter before becoming a poet and woodblock print artist. He is now one of Latin America’s most celebrated artists and his work is exhibited in museums around the world.

A Noiva Sertaneja (The Country Bride)
Namoro (Courtship)
Jardineira (Gardener)
(A northeastern Brazilian music style)

Nicola Heindl

We are pleased to share our collection of greeting cards featuring the enchanting illustrations of British

artist Nicola Heindl. Nicola's artwork has become synonymous with Putumayo as she has created unique works for all of our album covers. Her folkloric style embodies our mission: to introduce people to other cultures through music and art. Most feature celebratory, birthday and other sentiments inside, and each Nicola card includes a free music download from Putumayo.


"It’s time to celebrate!"
Mazel Tov!
(Blank Inside)
"Let the good times roll!"
World Christmas
"Joyeux Noël • Feliz Navidad • Buon Natale • Feliz Natal"
Get Well Soon!
(Blank Inside)
Latin Celebration
(Blank Inside)
"I love you • Je t’aime • Te Quiero"
Mexico Birthday Card
"It’s fiesta time!"
Elephant New Baby Card
"Congratulations on your bundle of joy!"
Get Well Soon!
(Blank Inside)
Animal Birthday Card
"Go wild!"
Panda Birthday
"Wishing you a boatload of fun on your birthday!"
Rock Birthday Card
"You rock!"
Latin Birthday
"¡Feliz cumpleaños! It’s fiesta time."
French Birthday
"Have fun • Amuse-toi bien!"
Africa Birthday
"Jambo! Wishing you a year full of wild adventures."
Cowboy Birthday
"Yippie ki yay! It’s your special day."

George Rodrigue

World renowned artist, George Rodrigue, was born and raised in New Iberia in Southwest Louisiana.  His early work, celebrated here, honored the culture and traditions of the local Cajun population. George later became known for his Blue Dog paintings. He is considered one of the great masters of Louisiana painting. 

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
A Toast To Cajun Food
Farmers Market
The Patchwork Gift

William Hemmerling

Bill Hemmerling was a self-taught artist who discovered painting late in life. He was born in Chicago in 1943 and relocated to his mother’s hometown of Ponchatoula, Louisiana as a young man. After retiring, his attraction to Southern folk culture and art led him to begin painting on boards, doors and other discarded objects he found. While his art career lasted only a few years, Hemmerling has become one of Louisiana’s most widely collected artists. He is best-known for his paintings of an African-American woman he named “Sweet Olive.”

Sweet Olive-Gauguin
Sweet Olive-Van Gogh
Sweet Olive - Matisse
Star Spangled Jazz

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Emerson Matabele

Emerson Matabele is an African-American photographer who strives in his work to reflect the dignity and beauty inherent in marginalized cultures. His compelling images, gathered during the course of sixteen years of wandering, seek to focus on what is, reflect on what ought to be and endeavor to remove the contradictions. He currently resides in Kigali, Rwanda and maintains a photography studio in Savannah, Georgia.

High Hopes
And That Is That!
The Forest Path
Simple Pleasures
God's Quarter Acre
Lightness of Being
After All These Years
Circle of Love
Chinese Gothic
Lago de la Tranquilidad
Aubergine Verte

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