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Putumayo Kids Corner

Putumayo Kids Corner

The Putumayo Kids Corner is dedicated to providing fun and educational adventures for children. Discover the world through music albums, playlists, videos and fascinating books.

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Featured Album


Turn down the lights and relax to the tranquil melodies of beautiful lullabies and soothing songs from Africa, Europe, North and South America and Asia. Updated with 3 new songs!

Featured EP

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Putumayo is pleased to continue its new digital-only Putumayo Discovery series with Kids Party 5-song EP which will feature songs for the whole family by artists around the world.

Featured Kids Book


The Blue Whale invites children into the life and world of this enormous animal by situating facts within a familiar context that is fun and engaging.

Featured Playlist

Featured Kids Video


Family Folk Chorale, Pihcintu International Girls Chorus - One Day (US)

Songs from around the globe that the whole family will enjoy. Updated with new songs every week.

Listen to other Putumayo Kids playlists.

About Putumayo Kids

In 1999, Putumayo launched its children’s division, Putumayo Kids, with the ground-breaking release, World Playground, which has become a staple in classrooms and homes around the world. After winning many Parent's Choice, National Parenting and other awards, Putumayo Kids has become known as the leading source of international music for children.


Putumayo Kids now distributes select multicultural books and activity sets from BarefootEnchanted Lion and NorthSouth to help children learn about the world. Two collections of kid-friendly greeting cards are also available.  

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