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Vera Vinter

Vera Vinter


Vera Vinter, a singer-songwriter from Stora Lappträsk in northern Sweden, draws deep inspiration from her upbringing in a small village. Combining her poignant lyrics with a versatile voice, Vinter crafts a unique musical universe. Her songs vividly recount childhood memories of the North Bothnian countryside, reflecting on the forests, lakes, wooden houses, and traditional lifestyle of her youth. Her music seamlessly blends elements of folk and alternative pop, featuring lyrics in both Swedish and the Kalixmål dialect of the region.

Vinter’s song “Paris” is about her grandmother, who lived a simple country life. “My grandmother never got to see Paris / She was born here and gave birth to others here / She bent and lifted, carried and dragged / She knew, she could, she understood / My grandmother never drove a car / My grandmother always had time / She sang quietly and picked lingonberry heather / She imitated the singing of the birds.”


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