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Musician Spotlight

Miroca Paris

Miroca Paris

Cabo Verde

Ademiro “Miroca” Paris Miranda was nurtured in the musically rich culture of Cabo Verde, an archipelago off the coast of Senegal that is home to one of the world’s great music traditions. Raised in a musical family, he mastered many instruments at a very young age. He eventually moved to Lisbon, Portugal and joined the band of Cabo Verdean diva Cesaria Evora with whom he toured and recorded for more than a decade. While touring the world, playing at major festivals and venues worldwide and singing backing vocals, he quickly expanded his skills, forming the foundation for his own sound and guitar playing technique: forward driving and fresh.

After a long career backing up many famous musicians (including the pop star Madonna), Paris finally had the chance to release his first solo album in 2017, D’alma. On his song “Mund Amor” (A World of Love), featured on our “Putumayo World Café” compilation, the artist calls for compassion, peace, harmony and love among all people. During the pandemic, Miroca has been creating his 2nd album, ready to hit the stage as soon as he can!


Featured on

Putumayo World Café

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