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Dom La Nena

Dom La Nena


Dominique Pinto, known by her stage name Dom La Nena, hails from Porto Alegre, Brazil and spent her childhood between her birth country, Argentina, and France. An accomplished cellist who has accompanied many famous French pop stars such as Jane Birkin, Jorge Drexkler and Piers Faccini, Dom sings in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English... sometimes all in the same song. Her eclectic, multi-lingual style—with its blend of pop, world and chamber music—is hard to define but easy to enjoy.

Her song “Juste une Chanson” (Just a Song), appears on our "Putumayo World Café" album. She sings in French and Portuguese: “I wait here for the time to pass / Counting the stars / Under the sea / Girl, don’t you see? / Stop crying / Maybe if the stars stopped shining / Just a song for today / Just in silence before the rain.” La Nena has long been a gifted producer and arranger, and with the instrumental textures on this song, she displays a sure hand in the control room.


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Putumayo World Café

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