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Babai Lugu

Babai Lugu


Babai Lugu, whose real name is Mandrantohery "Goul" Andriamihanta, was born in Antsirabe, in the highlands of Madagascar, where he cultivated a deep appreciation for folk and popular music from a young age. In 2007, he relocated to France to pursue his artistic ambitions, immersing himself in graphic arts, animation cinema, and music. Collaborating with like-minded musicians, he formed the polyphonic trio ALALÁ in 2013, infusing his compositions with the rich cultural heritage of Madagascar. Their debut EP, "Eo Ary," released in 2016, garnered attention, leading to a successful tour in Madagascar the following year. As ALALÁ evolved, welcoming new members and expanding their sound, they rebranded as Babai Lugu & Alala Katsa Katsa, and refined their fusion of traditional Malagasy music with contemporary influences. Using his gentle and powerful voice, Babai Lugu sings in his native language, Malagasy, and explores both the intimate and universal in his lyrics.

The track “Mozika” is a groovy, summery song that sings about the power of music: “This music blows sorrows away / When I am in a sentimental mood / When life is hard / This music, I'm into it.”


Featured on

Café du Monde

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