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Celebrate The World

Celebrate The World


New Music Releases

New Books

Putumayo is pleased to present two new book & activity sets for kids from NorthSouth! 

African and Latin rhythms converge on this joyous musical adventure.

CD + Album Download Card

CD + Album Download Card

A musical journey curated by Linda Ronstadt and Putumayo to accompany her memoir "Feels Like Home."

5-Song Digital EP

Enjoy the fourth installation of the Acoustic World EP, featuring singer-songwriters from around the world. 


Musician Spotlight
Ian Lasserre (Brazil)

Ian Lasserre.png

Click here to learn more

Video of the Week
Ian Lasserre - Minha Bahia (Brazil)

A celebration of the beauty and laid-back nature of Bahia, a state in Brazil known for its rich culture and vibrant music scene, set to acoustic guitar and vocals mixed with Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

Click here to see previous Videos of the Week

News & Reviews

"...the importance of the work that labels such as Putumayo do, spreading the gospel of music to every corner of the world, cannot be understated."

- Chris Farnsworth, Seven Days

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