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Travel to the beautiful beaches

of Brazil with, Bossa Nova. Package includes a CD, download card and informative booklet. 

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The third full-length, digital-only album that will take listeners on a musical journey through the African continent

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To celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we've recreated classic Putumayo albums on Apple, Spotify, Pandora & Youtube.

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Celebrate The World

Celebrate The World


New Music Releases

Five contemporary acoustic songs by singer-songwriters from around the world

The first full-length digital-only album takes you
on a 
musical journey
through Europe

10-Song Digital Album

10-Song Digital Album

New and classic bossa novas songs will transport you to the beautiful beaches of Brazil.

5-Song Digital EP

The third full-length digital-only album will take you on a journey through the African continent

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Musician Spotlight
Kimi Djabaté (Guinea Bissau / Portugal)

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Kimi Djabaté was raised in Tabato, Guinea-Bissau, a village known for its griots, hereditary singer-poets whose songs of praise and tales of history and legends play an essential role in Africa’s musical life. Recognized as a prodigy, Djabaté began playing the balafón, the African xylophone, when he was just three years old and soon after learned to play many other traditional instruments. As his musicianship developed, Djabaté also mastered the kora and guitar, as well as a wide variety of traditional drums and other percussion instruments.

Video of the Week
Kimi Djabaté (Guinea Bissau / Portuga

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A griot by birth, Kimi has been playing the balafón, the African xylophone, since he was just three years old, and learned to play many other traditional instruments over time. In 1994, Kimi toured Europe as a member of the national music and dance ensemble of Guinea-Bissau, and he decided to settle in Lisbon, Portugal. In Europe, Kimi has collaborated with many exceptional musicians, including Mory Kanté, Waldemar Bastos, Netos de Gumbé and others.

News & Reviews

"Through the label, genres that in the U.S. had largely been considered world music curiosities — such as bachata from the Dominican Republic, bossa nova from Brazil, Afrobeats from West Africa or bhangra from India — became better-known, as Putumayo played a big role in their global growth." Read more....

To read the article in Spanish, click here.

- Isabela Raygoza, Billboard

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