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Celebrate The World

Celebrate The World


Explore the music, art and cultures of the world.

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The spicy rhythms of Cuba meet the

soulful swing of the Crescent City to

create a savory musical gumbo.

A musical celebration of singer-songwriters from around the globe. Includes booklet with 6 regional recipes.

Tranquil music from around the world for yoga, relaxation and bedtime. Includes booklet with yoga poses and instructions.

Musician Spotlight
Carlton Rara (Haiti)

Video of the Week
Alune Wade & Harold López-Nussa - Aminata (Senegal / Cuba)

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News & Reviews

As always, a special effort was made to seek out the best of the best that you never heard of before, [Putumayo World Café] is programmed with a flow that makes it all work together no matter when the tracks originated. 

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record