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Celebrate The World

Celebrate The World


Explore the music, art and cultures of the world.

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New Music Releases

New Books

Putumayo is pleased to present nine new books & activity sets for kids! 

African and Latin rhythms converge on this joyous musical adventure.

5-Song Digital EP

CD + Album Download Card

The Putumayo Discovery series continues with Acoustic World 2, featuring soothing acoustic songs.

Musician Spotlight
Kimi Djabaté (Guinea-Bissau)

Video of the Week
Neto Amado - Santomense (São Tomé & Príncipe)

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News & Reviews

"...Putumayo has assembled these 10 tracks you can enjoy over a glass of fine wine and a conversation you don’t have to shout over... ...everything fits together [on Blues Café] so well that it practically glides from start to finish."

- Dan Willging, Offbeat Records