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Celebrate The World

Celebrate The World


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Explore the music, art and cultures of the world.

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The spicy rhythms of Cuba meet the

soulful swing of the Crescent City to

create a savory musical gumbo.

A musical celebration of singer-songwriters from around the globe. Includes booklet with 6 regional recipes.

Tranquil music from around the world for yoga, relaxation and bedtime. Includes booklet with yoga poses and instructions.

Musician Spotlight
Ignacio Maria Gomez (Argentina)

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Yoga Dreamland Live Yoga Video

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As always, a special effort was made to seek out the best of the best that you never heard of before, [Putumayo World Café] is programmed with a flow that makes it all work together no matter when the tracks originated. 

- Chris Spector, Midwest Record