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Welcome to the New Era of Putumayo!

Travel the world through Putumayo’s two digital albums every month, each featuring 10 exceptional songs from around the globe.
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New Digital Albums


Beautiful songs and melodies from create a tranquil soundtrack for yoga, chilling out and bedtime


Enjoy melodic, acoustic songs by rising singer-songwriters from around the globe 


Traditions from diverse cultures fuse seamlessly with electronica, Afrobeats grooves, and reggaeton rhythms

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Escape to the warm Caribbean  islands with this full-length album that showcases the rich cultural tapestry of the region

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Celebrate The World

Celebrate The World


Musician Spotlight
Kavita Shah (Cape Verde / Bau)

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Kavita Shah is a vocalist, composer, polyglot, and lifelong New Yorker. Her projects are global in scope, blending modern jazz, new music, and the folkloric traditions she researches. Shah is especially passionate about the music of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), an archipelago off the coast of West Africa that is home to a rich Afro-Portuguese music culture. Her 2023 album, "Cape Verdean Blues," a collaboration with the country's master musicians, is the culmination of seven years of immersion and ethnographic research on the island of São Vicente. 

Video of the Week
Kavita Shah (Cape Verde / Bau)

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Originally recorded by Cape Verdean singer Boy Gé Mendes in 1997, “Joia” (Jewel) is a tribute to Cape Verdean women. Shah’s version features the legendary guitarist Bau, who worked regularly with the late Cesaria Evora, Cape Verde’s best-known singer and Shah’s greatest inspiration. “Your kindness is like honey,” Shah sings, “It creates melody and fantasy in my spirit / Give me your love, make my world a happy place / Take me with you so I can feel your warmth.”

News & Reviews

"Putumayo distinguished itself by not only selling in record stores but by offering our music collections through gift and clothing stores, cafes, health food stores and other non-traditional environments."

Interview by CEO / Founder, Dan Storper

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