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Musician Spotlight

Wally Warning

Wally Warning


Born on the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba and raised by parents from Suriname, Wally Warning’s music reflects the multicultural influences of his homeland. As a young boy, fishermen from nearby Venezuela taught him to play Latin music styles on the cuatro, a small guitar. He was also enchanted by the African-rooted tumba drumming which reverberates across the island during Carnival time, as well as the ubiquitous sounds of calypso, zouk, reggae, soca and other Caribbean styles. On any of his given recordings, you will hear him almost all the instruments featured.

A proclaimed “musical globetrotter”, Wally has traveled the world, giving his life and soul to music since his early youth. While he left Aruba at the age of 17 and settled in Europe, he remains closely connected to the Dutch Caribbean through his music. Among various other languages, Wally sings many of his songs in Papiamentu, the local creole dialect that mixes elements of Portuguese, English, Spanish, Dutch and West African languages.


Featured on

Putumayo World Café

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