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Vincent Ahehehinnou

Vincent Ahehehinnou


Vincent Ahehehinnou, a Beninese bassist, composer, and singer, embarked on his musical journey during college. Initially, he played bass for a school band. However, his introduction to singing came unexpectedly when he composed a song intended for a large orchestra recording in his country. To his surprise, he found himself singing the composition, unveiling his hidden talent as a vocalist. Ahehehinnou served as lead vocalist for the legendary T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo, before embarking on a solo career in 1978. He released his debut album in Nigeria in 1982, followed by another album titled "Way of the Cross" in 2005. Despite his solo endeavors, he remained connected to Poly-Rythmo, participating in their European tours and ensuring their survival. He is committed to preserving the legacy of his group while exploring various musical styles, including current music, urban music, salsa, soul, funk, and more.

On his track “Vevede” Ahehehinnou sings about the search for a loved one who seems to have disappeared, using imagery of evanescence like water vapor and a ghost to express the sense of loss and longing: “I see you, my dear / I search for you, my dear / Where are you hiding?”

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