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The Nettes

The Nettes


Alex Fiolek, Kristina Cottone, and Sonya Major are the trio of singer-songwriters that form The Nettes, a harmony-focused Americana trio based in Chicago. Mostly acoustic, the group fuses soaring melodies, compelling lyricism, and tasteful instrumentation. The members had each performed with different groups in Chicago before deciding to form a band together. According to Cottone, “We’re best friends who write songs together, usually over home-cooked meals. This project is about the process — about the songwriting. We’re still a very new band. We’re excited to keep creating and keep sharing our songs.”

The Nettes released their debut single “The Loudest Voice” in March 2023. The trio sings about the communication breakdown taking place in a relationship gone wrong. “Silence is the loudest voice / Words could never fill the void / If there’s something better I might never know / ‘Cause my heart is stuck and I can’t let go / Why do I always chase the feeling / Of something deep that isn’t real / If dreams are never yours to keep / I think I’d rather stay asleep.”


Featured on

Folk Café by Putumayo

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