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The Mulligan Brothers

The Mulligan Brothers


The Mulligan Brothers, a celebrated folk group from Mobile, Alabama, blend rich Americana, folk, and roots music to create their signature sound. Consisting of Ross Newell on vocals and guitar, Gram Rea on fiddle and mandolin, Greg DeLuca on drums, and Melody Duncan on violin, the band earned acclaim for their heartfelt lyrics and intricate harmonies. Their three studio albums and one live album, all released between 2013 and 2018, showcased their storytelling prowess and musical versatility. While The Mulligan Brothers are longer actively touring or recording as a band, Ross Newell has gone on to make several solo recordings.

The group recorded two versions of the song “Divine Design.” The first they released as a single in 2016, and this version appeared on their 2018 album "Songs for the Living and Otherwise." According to Ross Newell, the song is about being taken advantage of by the person you love. “I feel like a suit of second-hand armor / It can protect you but may never wear a shine / Every time you see me you know I’ll be there when you need me / Never thinking of the dead man left inside.”


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Folk Café by Putumayo

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