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The Lubben Brothers

The Lubben Brothers


The Lubben Brothers are a dynamic folk group known for their harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary folk music. Consisting of triplets Michael, Tom, and Joshua Lubben, along with their honorary brother Mike Petty on drums, the band is celebrated for their intricate musicianship and tight vocal harmonies. Based in South Florida, they have built a reputation for their energetic performances and heartfelt songwriting. The Lubben Brothers skillfully play a variety of instruments, including guitar, banjo, violin, and bass, creating a rich, multi-layered sound. Their music often explores themes of faith, family, and personal journey, resonating deeply with audiences. With a growing discography and a dedicated fan base, The Lubben Brothers continue to make significant contributions to the folk music scene.

Written by Oklahoma singer-songwriter John Moreland, “Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars” has become a staple of The Lubben Brothers’ live shows. “Hang me in the Tulsa County stars / Meet me where I land if I slip and fall too far / I don't want to come back down to earth / My heart is growing heavy from the ever-endless hurt.”


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Folk Café by Putumayo

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