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The Hello Darlin's

The Hello Darlin's


The Hello Darlin's are a Canadian musical powerhouse formed by keyboardist Mike Little, guitarist Murray Pulver, and singer Candace Lacina. Their songs blend Americana, folk, country, gospel, and blues and are shaped by years of diverse experiences and collaborations with stars such Shania Twain, Lucinda Williams and B.B. King. With a live lineup that ranges from three to nine musicians, The Hello Darlins emphasize the power of teamwork to deliver exceptional performances.

Their featured track, “Better Days,” co-written by Lacina and Little, features the soulful vocals of Dave Fenley, a finalist on America's Got Talent and The Voice. The track is a slow-burning soulful ballad that shows off the band’s skillful arrangements, classic instrumentation, and unmistakable background vocals. Born from a period of grief, the song offers a message of hope during challenging times, reflecting the band's growth and resilience. In Lacina’s words, “It’s about trusting the sunlight will eventually return after the storm.”


Featured on

Folk Café by Putumayo

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