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Thamires Tannous

Thamires Tannous


Born in a small city in central Brazil, singer and songwriter Thamires Tannous was influenced by a diverse range of music growing up. Her mother loved Brazilian MPB artists such as Gilberto Gil, Elis Regina and Caetano Veloso. Her father gravitated towards more traditional Brazilian folk styles as well as the Arabic music of his Lebanese heritage. Tannous currently lives between São Paulo and Vienna, where she is working on creating her third album.

On “Gramatica do Mar” (Grammar of the Sea) from her first album, Canto para Aldebarã, Tannous sings “The grammar of the sea is learned by singing / Fados that taught us time and life / Sirens screams in the moonlight / That come from the south / That come from the sun / And that will be sung until the end of time.”


Featured on

Acoustic World 6

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