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Brazil / UK

Soothsayers is a dynamic band known for their unique blend of Afrobeat, reggae, and jazz. Formed in London, they have built a reputation for socially conscious lyrics and vibrant live performances. Core members Idris Rahman (saxophone) and Robin Hopcraft (trumpet) lead the group, bringing together a diverse lineup of talented musicians. Soothsayers' music features powerful horn sections, infectious rhythms, and thought-provoking messages, earning them acclaim across the global music scene. They have released several albums, collaborated with renowned artists, and performed at major festivals worldwide. With a commitment to musical innovation and cultural fusion, Soothsayers continues to captivate audiences and inspire change through their compelling sound.

This exclusive remix is a collaboration with musician and producer Victor Rice, a well-known figure in the reggae, ska and Brazilian music scene. A native of Long Island, NY and a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, Rice moved to São Paulo, Brazil in 2002 and works from his studio there with artists from around the globe.


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