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Puerto Rico / Cuba / France

Setenta is a Latin funk band formed in Paris in 2006. Their distinctive sound combines influences of disco, soul, hip-hop, funk, jazz, boogaloo and, of course, Afro-Cuban music. With songs in Spanish, English, Creole, Yoruba, and French, Setenta offers a cross-cultural update on the classic Latin soul sound that ruled the streets of 1960s and 70s New York City. Fronted by singer and producer Osman Jr, Setenta have released five albums over the years, each exploring different angles of their tropical Caribbean style. Inspired by boogaloo icon Joe Bataan (with whom they have recorded), funk legends Parliament Funkadelic and the Afro-centric R&B of Mandrill, Setenta are bringing the spirit of classic Latin funk and soul to audiences in Europe and beyond.

“Madame Shingaling” originally appeared on Setenta’s 2015 album Paris to Nueva York. The song is based on a 1960s style called shingaling, a close relative of boogaloo. The lyrics are in Spanish and badly accented French, and tell of a foreign woman asking for directions in Paris and being invited by the singer to dance. “Oohlala, Madame Shingaling / Do you want to shingaling?”


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Fiesta Latina

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