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Neto Amado

Neto Amado

São Tomé & Príncipe

Guitarist Neto Amado is from São Tomé & Príncipe, a small African nation made up of two islands located off the coast of Gabon. A former Portuguese colony that gained its independence in 1975, the islands are home to a unique music culture that reflects elements of African, Portuguese and even some Brazilian flavors. Amado’s music is influenced by local rhythms such as bulauê and ússua mixed with Congolese rumba, Cabo Verdean coladeira, Angolan kizomba, Brazilian bossa nova, Cuban son, American jazz and more. This variety reflects Amado’s world travels, as he has been based in Cuba, Portugal, the US and Sweden, where he currently lives, picking up inspirations along the way.

His song "Dodo" explores the theme of the dissolution of love: “When I met you, your shyness prevented you from speaking / Now, everything has changed, you even look like a lioness just given birth / Only God can do justice to what is happening among us / And to our children, abandoned by you.” 

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