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Musician Spotlight

Naxx Bitota

Naxx Bitota

Congo / Quebec

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Naxx discovered her passion for music at the age of 9 and dreamed of making a career out of it. She pursued this dream by enrolling in several choirs of different styles: gospel, traditional, classical and folkloric. She crossed the Atlantic as a teenager to first settle in Belgium, then in Quebec in 2008, always with the firm intention of continuing to express her immense creative talent.

Author, composer and performer, Naxx is greatly influenced by classical music but also by popular music from her childhood, notably Mutuashi and Congolese Rumba. At the crossroads of Miriam Makeba and Whitney Houston, she always finds a way of bringing together and paying tribute to the different regions of Africa. Thanks to her artistic generosity, her extraordinary energy, her passion for singing, but above all her very personal sound, she has found a place on both local and international stages.


Featured on

Global Lounge 2

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