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Nadav Dagon

Nadav Dagon


Israeli Electronic musician and producer Nadav Dagon is known for his dynamic and immersive live sets, which blend electronic beats and acoustic percussion to create trance-inducing grooves. His musical collective and label Circle of Dreams organizes conceptual events centered around the immersive experience of live dance music. Dagon has toured around the world, performing at vibrant gatherings in Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Budapest, New York, Rio de Janeiro, and Goa, to name a few. He draws inspiration from his the diverse cultures he encounters and the natural world.

On “Perla” (Pearl), Dagon is joined by Israeli singer and vocal coach Niska Fitz, who also manages their record label. Together they craft a mesmerizing Spanish-language song backed by downtempo electronica. Fisk sings “Pearl / I would like to hear your song here / Like a little bird sings / Pearl / Don’t hide away in a corner / Under a plant / All of my fears go to sleep / When you are near me.”

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