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Formed in 2022, Misumena are a duo formed by German producers Ingo Möll and Maxey Blaze. They create a captivating blend of cumbia, Afrobeats, chillout, and electronica that they like to call “borderless beats.” Misumena have collaborated with artists from around the world, including Joy Msanii and Nes Mburu from Kenya, Natalí Ferreira from Portugal, and Sylvain Le Roux from Canada. They have also remixed songs by Peruvian group Novalima and Sudanese keyboardist Jantra. Misumena's lyrics focus on collaboration, unity, and the importance of caring for oneself and the world. Beyond the artistic realm, Misumena commits to environmental responsibility by donating a significant portion of their Spotify earnings to CO2 reduction projects. 

The lyrics of “Tujivinjari” emphasize the enjoyment of life, feeling good, and moving forward despite challenges. Kenyan vocalist Joy Msanii sings in Swahili: “Hardship doesn't scare me / Anger doesn't scare me / People don't scare me / I struggle to live my life / I don't have time for other people’s business / Handle your own, leave mine alone / Mine will give you a headache / You only live once / But if you live well / Once is enough.”


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