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Mikahely hails from the beautiful island of Madagascar, where he is an established performer with various radio hits. Moving to the United States in 2017, his music came to transcends boundaries. A self-taught musician who first picked up the guitar at age 7, he draws inspiration from traditional Malagasy rhythms and lullabies to create his own unique sounds on guitar and valiha (a zither-like instrument made from bamboo). His music, a unique style of soothing roots & groovy jazz fusion, highlight pressing social and environmental issues facing Madagascar and the world, such as climate change, biodiversity conservation and children's rights.

Having toured in Madagascar and Europe, he now brings his music to new audiences in the United States. He is also featured in the documentary Guitar Madagascar. No matter what his audience is, his message remains the same: “the language doesn't really matter," says Mikahely, “If I can play music that will connect me to another person, the sounds will do the work and the spirit will come through."


Featured on

African Acoustic

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