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Congo / Germany

German-Congolese musician Melane fuses elements of afro-soul, pop, rap, jazz, funk and music from different regions of West Africa into her sound. Beginning her career as a studio backing vocalist, as well as a singer of the jazz trio Three Fall & Melane, she has since liberated and empowered herself as a solo performer. Her sound has been compared to Congolese multi-instrumentalist and singer Lokua Kanza. Where Kanza redefined songwriting for the past generation, Melane stands for a new era as she works on her first album Mirrors & Windows.s

Melane is also the founder of the Africanist platform Beautiful Colors, where campaigns for the visibility of Black people and people of African and Afro-diasporic origin living in Germany. Through her music and message, she seeks to set an example for young people, especially young women, and show that the industry of music production is not exclusively for men.


Featured on

World Party 4

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