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Matjé grew up in St. Malo in Brittany, lived for many years in Paris and is now based in La Roche Sur Yon, a small city near Nantes in Western France. His music blends French chanson, hip-hop, and Afro-Latin influences, blending poetic narratives with warm and infectious melodies. Matjé combines sung and rapped stories in French with tropical music, drawing inspiration from Colombian cumbia, Brazilian forró, African soukouss, Reunion maloya, Malagasy salegy, and more. Matjé's music radiates a sunny and upbeat energy that invites listeners to dance, while his thoughtful and poetic lyrics encourage introspection.

Matjé’s track “Cumbia Fanée” (Faded Cumbia) featuring Alain Debiossat of the famed jazz fusion band SIXUN on soprano sax, is about the unstoppable and joyful spirit of Colombian cumbia. “On the starry beach colorful melodies dance in the air / On the swaying waves hover playful shadows / The ghosts of my thoughts play multicolored güiros and blazing guitars / Colorful accordion and wild drums / But nothing can stop my cumbia party / No one can stop the faded cumbia.”


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