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Cuba / USA

Miami-based musician Carlos Rodriguez, who goes by the stage name Mantequilla (Spanish for “butter”), is a rising star in the local Latin music scene. Inspired by Latin pop and reggaeton artists such as Luis Fonsi, Ricky Martin, Maluma, and J Balvin, Mantequilla also appreciates his roots and the traditional Cuban son that is the underpinning of much of today’s popular Latin dance styles.

The song “Padrino Mio” (My Godfather) features an underlying message about appreciating the people in our lives who have helped us along the way. The lyrics reference the mentorship role played by experienced practitioners of the Afro-Cuban Santería religion, who provide guidance and support for young initiates in the rites and rituals of this syncretic spiritual tradition. “You baptized me your only son, owner of the drum / You taught me about our roots, about our son / And now I want to thank you and ask the Lord / May he take care of you today and always.”

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