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Malick Pathé Sow

Malick Pathé Sow


Malick Pathé Sow was born in Senegal into a family of laabe musicians and story- tellers. He is a singer, guitarist and player of the hoddu (an ancestor of the banjo) and Fulani violin. Malick moved to Europe in the 1990s after working closely with celebrated Senegalese singer Baaba Maal. He embarked on a successful solo career after arriving in Europe, resulting in 3 albums with his band Welnere: Danniyanke, Diariyata, and Miin Eh Mah, mixing up Senegalese mbalax music with Western influences.

His fourth CD called Maayo Men marks a return to his musical roots which led him to play at festivals in England, France, Algeria, Tanzania and Malaysia. Malick is also a member of the group Blindnote - mixing music from Senegal, Madagascar, Turkey, Armenia, Mexico and Belgium- whose CD was named one of the 10 best CDs of 2011 by the leading British magazine Songlines. Malick has been described to make "Music that carries you into another landscape."


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