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Musician Spotlight

Kumbia Boruka

Kumbia Boruka

Mexico / France

Kumbia Boruka is a multicultural band based in Lyon, France, made up of eight musicians from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and France. The band traces its roots to Monterrey, Mexico, the capital of Mexican cumbia, a regional adaptation of the original Colombian folk rhythm. Hernán Cortés, the leader of Kumbia Boruka, learned to play accordion from Celso Piña, the Mexican cumbia icon, and accompanied him as a percussionist on international tours. Kumbia Boruka’s music captures the essence of Mexico’s streets, blending classic cumbia with reggae, dub, and tropical music. Their sound features psychedelic electric guitar, the rhythms of guacharaca (a raspy percussion instrument), congas, dynamic brass arrangements, and the distinctive accordion sound. 

Many of their lyrics delve into life's journeys, exploring the themes of dreams, illusions, struggle, resistance, and hope. “Fiesta en Las Calles” (Party in the Streets) relates to these larger themes, while singing about the joys of cumbia music itself and its significance to the communities where it thrives. “Party in the streets, everyone dancing / While our sorrows are being erased / My rhythm sounds, the drum sounds / Like the beat of the heart.”


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Fiesta Latina

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