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El Hijo del Búho, Shonny

El Hijo del Búho, Shonny

Colombia / Somalia

El Hijo del Búho is an artist and GRAMMY-nominated music producer from Barranquilla, Colombia, who blends Afro-Colombian folklore with electronic and pop influences. Shonny, also from Barranquilla, is a rising singer-songwriter with a hypnotizing voice. Saba Anglana was born to an Italian father and a Somali-Ethiopian mother in Somalia. Her family was forced to flee to Italy when Saba was five years old, where she eventually became a well-known TV actress and singer.

The trio worked together on the single :"Mudar la Piel" (Shed My Skin), to create a unique cross-cultural collaboration that blends elements of laid-back reggaeton, Colombia roots music and East African flourishes. Trading lyrics in Spanish and Somali, Sonny and Anglana sing of personal transformation. "Today I'm going to leave behind all the skin / From that other life / I've been going around in circle / For so long without finding a way out / Today I'm going to mutate / Today I'm going to shed my skin."


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Global Beat

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