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Cuervo Cuervo

Cuervo Cuervo

USA / Argentina

Cuervo Cuervo is the collaboration between Argentinian charango player Agustin Ganem and American producer Benjamin Hill. After meeting by chance in the streets of Bacalar. Mexico in 2018, they eventually teamed up to combine psychedelic electronic music with Latin American folk and live improvisation. Ganem's mastery of the charango and guitar merges with Hill's electronic music and folk influences, incorporating live looping and classic Latin percussion. They released their debut album in 2019. Since then, they have self-released an EP, numerous singles, and remixes for international producers. Cuervo Cuervo has played over 100 shows across Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, and the U.S., opening for notable acts and sharing stages with leading Latin electronic musicians. They are preparing for a Mexican tour in winter 2024 and their European debut in summer 2024.

This is a shortened version of “Viaje Lunar,” which was featured on the collection Fertil Discos presenta: Paisajes in 2023. This is a remix of one of the songs from their eponymous 2019 album. It features Ganem’s masterful work on charango, a 10-string Andean guitar mixed with subtle electronica.


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Lounge World

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