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Musician Spotlight

Code Sangala

Code Sangala


Code Sangala is a musician from Malawi. He is a former broadcaster and television personality. After recording three albums with Kapirintiya, a group he co-founded with his brother, Code released his solo album in 2013. Code Sangala describes his music style as Gule. The music is inspired by traditional dances such as chintali, mganda, beni, vimbuza and many others from Malawi. Code performs his music in Chichewa, the predominant language in Malawi. Together with his band The Tribe, he has played at notable eventsTumaini Festival and Sand Festival, as well as hosting Lake of Stars, the largest international music festival in Malawi. 

Code is also a founder and director of a nonprofit organization called Music against Malaria. The organization seeks to contribute towards combating malaria through message dissemination on malaria prevention with focus on malaria in under five children and expectant mothers. His latest single, “Mzako,” meaning friend in Chichewa is featured on Putumayo’s World Party 4 digital EP. The song talks about how life is a gift, how no man is an island, and that we all need a friend in times of sorrow and in times of happiness. 


Featured on

World Party 4

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