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Coco Briaval

Coco Briaval


Taking its name from its leader, Henri “Coco” Briaval, Coco Briaval is a family band with ancestral roots in the Romani cultures of Hungary and the Piedmont region of Italy. Formed in 1964 by Coco and his brothers Gilbert and René, the band has expanded into a septet that includes second-generation members of the Briaval clan. Hailing from the Loiret department about 100 kilometers south of Paris, the Briaval family spent their childhood living in a Romani caravan that roamed the countryside.

Music was a way of life from a very young age, and the Briavals recorded their first album for the Philips record label in 1965. They have released more than 40 albums since and toured across Europe as heralded representatives of authentic manouche jazz.


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Acoustic Paris

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