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Cheikh Ibra Fam

Cheikh Ibra Fam


Cheikh Ibra Fam is a rising star in the Senegalese music scene. As a child growing up in Dakar, his mother would play classic Afro-Cuban music around the house. By the age of 10, Cheikh Ibra Fam had discovered Otis Redding and later, like many of his generation, became enamored hip-hop (he even recorded three rap albums under the stage name Freestyle). After four years singing and touring with the famed Orchestra Baobab, Cheikh Ibra Fam decided to strike out under his own name, releasing the album "Peace in Africa" in 2022.

On the song "Yolele", featured on our new 5-song digital EP "Global Groove", Cheikh Ibra Fam sings in the Wolof language, encouraging us to learn from our history and strive for a better world. The song's title refers to a traditional Fulani song and dance that is well-known in Senegal.


Featured on

Global Groove

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