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Almirzinho Gabriel

Almirzinho Gabriel


Almirzinho Gabriel is a musician and composer hailing from Belém, a Brazilian city located at the mouth of the Amazon River. A self-taught musician Gabriel has devoted himself to exploring the rich folklore of Pará, the Amazonian state that is the source of a wide range of unique genres including carimbó, guitarrada and lambada, among others. Gabriel grew up in a famous family - his father was a renowned and influential state governor – but his passion has always been the music and culture of the everyday people of the region. In addition to composing several iconic songs, working with a wide range of famous musicians, and producing five solo albums, Gabriel is also a television personality and documentarian. His TV series "Amazonia Tan Tan" explores the folk traditions of the Amazon. In addition, he is actively engaged in "Projeto Rabecada," crafting compositions tailor-made for rabecas – traditional handmade folk fiddles of Brazil.

“Clarão da Lua” is Gabriel’s best-known composition, and it is now considered a classic of contemporary Brazilian music. It was popularized in the 1980s by singer Nazaré Pereira and has since been recorded by other Brazilian icons, international star Aloe Blacc and sampled by American rapper Big Sean. Gabriel gives his version a reggae lilt, singing a gentle song of love, “The sun lives without love / And I can’t live without seeing you / And as the tide is rising / I sing you a song of love.”


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