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Musician Spotlight

Alessandro D'Orazi

Alessandro D'Orazi


Singer-songwriter Alessandro D’Orazi grew up in the San Basilio neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome. His songs have been recorded by many Italian stars and he has co-written the soundtracks for a number of successful Italian films. D’Orazi also has a passion for children’s literature and has co-written a number of well-known children’s books with poet Massimiliano Maiucchi. In 2014 D’Orazi founded the “Sotto” music school and recording studio, helping young musicians find their footing in the Italian music scene.

Alessandro D’Orazi contributes “Profumo di Caffè” to Putumayo’s new compilation, “Putumayo World Café”. He expresses his love for coffee and its ability to stir up vivid memories of the past, singing of a former lover: “I pass the window of that bar / The same where I expected you / I can’t help but think of you / It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you / I read the messages on the phone / I still have all yours / Your most sincere words / They talked about love / They talked about us.”


Featured on

Putumayo World Café

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