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Putumayo World Travel

Putumayo World Travel

About Putumayo World Travel

In 2017 Putumayo continued its expansion by launching a travel division in collaboration with insight Cuba/Masala Expeditions and long-time Putumayo A&R consultant and musicologist, Jacob Edgar. In November 2017, the first music-based trip to Cuba took place, and 2018 a music adventure to New Orleans along with a follow-up journey to Cuba were launched.

Putumayo Travel


From the moment you touch the ground in Havana, Putumayo’s official music specialist, Jacob Edgar will give you an intimate look at the island's unique culture through the music and people that make Cuba so fascinating.

The Putumayo Cuba! Cuba! Tour includes inside access to musicians, private performances, dance lessons, and even a visit to the recording studio used to record the Buena Vista Social Club.

Details for Cuba expedition in 2020 coming soon!


"We had the best time!  The trip was well organized, the pace correct, hotel excellent.  And most of all the music!  Clubs, recording studios, private concerts… amazing.  Just imagine someone gushing as much as a person can gush… that’s the way I felt about the tour." - Bob, NY

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