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Xiomara Fortuna

Xiomara Fortuna

Dominican Republic

Xiomara Fortuna, from Monte Cristi in the Dominican Republic, is a pivotal figure in the Caribbean music scene and one of the Dominican Republic's most accomplished and prolific female musicians. Her illustrious career spans over four decades, captivating audiences across multiple continents. Revered as a trailblazer of Afro-Caribbean fusion, she is affectionately known as “The Queen of Fusion” in her homeland. Her albums are sonic tapestries that seamlessly blend Afro-Dominican rhythms with elements of fusion jazz, reggae, pop, contemporary rock, Latin, merengue, and bachata.

Fortuna's international acclaim is a testament to her ability to create and fuse music, bridging the gap between folklore and contemporary sensibilities. Her compositions are evocative journeys through time, offering musical reflections on memory, women's experiences, global rhythms, and themes of conscience and coexistence. Fortuna’s voice has been a source of inspiration in various struggles in her homeland, championing causes such as tolerance, education, environmental conservation, and peace.

On the song, “África Vive en Mi” (Africa Lives in Me), featured on the album "Global Café," Fortuna sings about the pride she feels in her mixed heritage: “I have an African grandmother / I have a Spanish grandfather / A Taino scar / And I am Caribbean today.”

Opening with the interlocking sounds of multiple conch-shell horns, “Anda Corazón” (Keep Going, Heart), from Fortuna’s 2012 album “Paseando”, is an uplifting reggae anthem encouraging perseverance, courage, and hope in the face of challenges. Featured on the digital album, "Caribbean Celebration" she sings: “Go, heart, don't stop, go on / Leave behind the shadows and keep walking / Go, heart, don't let yourself be defeated / Life is a journey, keep moving forward.”

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