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Valerie Louri

Valerie Louri


Martinique singer Valérie Louri made her stage debut in 2000, performing rural songs and folkloric dances. In 2006, she embarked on a solo career, achieving recognition and success with her song and album "Bay Lanmen," for which she received the prestigious Sacem Award. She has since released 4 solo albums, including a tribute to Edith Lefel, one of the French Caribbean’s most beloved singers. Recognized as an ambassador of Martiniquan culture, Louri performed alongside artists such as Lucky Peterson, Capleton, and Richard Bona at the Terre de Blues festival in 2009. She collaborated with Marco Prince of FFF during the French Eurovision finals in 2007. Louri toured Latin and Central America in 2011 and even graced the stages of Paris's Mogador Theatre and Hamburg's Hafen Theater as part of The Lion King troupe. Louri continues to evolve her music, embracing her Creole roots while exploring a fresh and emerging sounds.

“Bay Lanmen” (Shake Hands) features the lilting melodies of a violin, a common instrument in French Caribbean folk music, blended with catchy polyrhythms. Louri calls for people to set aside their differences and work together for the betterment of all. “Shake hands with happiness / If you do, you can clear the way / Give back to the country / You know that love is necessary.”

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