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Tafa Mi-Soleil

Tafa Mi-Soleil


Evenie Rose Thafaïna Saint-Louis, better known by her stage name Tafa Mi-Soleil, was born in 1998, in Fort Jacques, Haiti. She is a rising star in Haitian music, with a unique voice and a deep commitment to promoting women’s and minority rights. In addition to her music, Mi-Soleil involved in theater and painting. She is even about to launch her own fashion house to explore her passion for haute couture. In 2023, Mi-Soleil was selected as “Best Female Variety Artist” by Haiti’s Ticket Magazine and “Best Female Artist of the Year” at the Haitian Music Awards.

The track “Lakou” appears on the Putumayo EP Global Groove 4. It is originally from her 2023 EP, "PHŒNIX", which featured a variety of influences including Haitian rasin (roots) music, other Caribbean flavors, electronic music, and Afrobeats. One of her most popular songs, “Lakou” was ranked in the top three hits of the year by a number of major Haitian media outlets. Tafa Mi-Soleil sings in Haitian Kreyòl about the power of traditional healing. “A pain may be consuming you, and the doctor may not see it / But the earth has remedies for all that burdens you / A flood may want to drown you, and your strength may be failing you / But within you lies the power, the mountains and rivers can save you.”

On her song “Phoenix," featured on "Global Beat," Tafa Mi-Soleil sings in English and Haitian Creole about overcoming extreme challenges. “I’m a reborn phoenix / A blackbird flying / My soul could never die / I’m gonna make it happen / No one knows what I went through / Climbed the mountains and made them move / Lost myself along the way / Self-doubt came and took my place / Gave so much of me away / Till I couldn't give no more / Where there was darkness I found light / I let my dreams become my sight / I won’t go down without a fight / From the ashes I will rise.”


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