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Syna Awel

Syna Awel


Syna Awel is a talented musician hailing from Kabilyia, a region in northern Algeria known for its vibrant music scene. She was born in the town of Ait Bouadou, and grew up surrounded by the traditional music of the area. Awel’s unique style blends elements of Kabyle music with contemporary influences, creating a sound that is both familiar and fresh. Her music often addresses social and political issues, and she is known for her powerful and emotive performances.

"Amchiche" means "Little Cat" in the Kabylian language. Over a gentle Latin rhythm, Awel sings "Little cat is in trouble / He thinks a lot / He's had enough of being alone / He would like to go out with people / Poor little cat / He would like to go out / But he’s afraid of his owner / Poor little cat he would like so much / To go enjoy life."


Featured on

Mediterranean Café

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