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Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel


Spinning Wheel is a folk ensemble inspired by enchanting ballads from Ireland and Wales, spirited jigs and polkas from Scotland, and the rhythmic power of Gaelic mouth music. Led by multi-instrumentalist Danika Ruso's mesmerizing vocals, the band includes Bernhart Ruso on flute and bodhran and Fabian Zechmeister on guitar, bouzouki and whistles. With Ruso's delicate voice effortlessly handling Gaelic, Welsh, Manx and Breton lyrics, Spinning Wheel's music celebrates the diversity of Celtic folk traditions. Their music breathes life into ancient tales and songs and invites listeners on a timeless journey through the diverse tapestry of Celtic culture.

The song “Ffarwel I Aberystwyth” (Farewell to Aberystwyth) is originally from their 2011 CD "Maid on the Shore." It is a traditional Welsh folk song that delivers a young man's nostalgic farewell to the town of Aberystwyth. Ruso sings, “Farewell to Llanrhystud / Where I spent many days / Loving as I pleased / But my efforts were in vain / I loved her / For fourteen months / Sometimes we had rough weather / Other times, fair weather / But she gave her hand to another / And she broke my heart.”


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