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SONAURA, a dynamic duo both in music and in life, consists of Grayson Ty and Laura Buchanan, two well-established artists in the western Massachusetts music scene. Grayson Ty is known for his prolific solo work, while Laura Buchanan is also a member of the iconic valley trio, Eavesdrop.
Together, Ty and Buchanan bring a unique blend of romance and moodiness to their music, drawing inspiration from the likes of Kacey Musgraves, Lord Huron and Night Traveler. SONAURA's music transcends genres, radiating heartrending harmony and carving out a distinct musical space.
"Ever After” refers to Ty and Buchanan’s journey as they found each other, fell in love and
became collaborators. The song ends with a love note: “far as we know, you and I have
found what we’ve been searching for.”


Featured on

Acoustic Folk 2

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