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Sona Mohapatra

Sona Mohapatra


Sona Mohapatra is a popular Indian singer known for her contributions to both Bollywood and independent folk-pop music. Originally from Odisha, a state in Eastern India, where she studied engineering and brand management, Sona moved to Mumbai to pursue her passion for music. She is recognized for her advocacy for women’s rights and her firm stance on social issues. Alongside her partner and collaborator Ram Sampath, Mohapatra operates her own music production house and label, Omgrown Music. Additionally, she has produced a documentary about her experiences as an outspoken female Indian artist titled "Shut Up Sona," which has received multiple awards.

Her song “Aisa Na They,” with music composed by Sampath, explores the theme of a relationship that has lost its passion. Despite this, the lively sounds of flutes and mandolins infuse the song with a sense of optimism. The Hindi lyrics, written by Amitabh Bhattacharya, express uncertainty about the status of love: “Is my love for you gone? / Who knows? / You are like that / We too are not like that / That's what you can do / Not like before.”

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