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Simon Jano Sessions

Simon Jano Sessions


Simon Jano Sessions is not just a musical project; it's a journey of collaboration and interpretation of ancestral themes. Born out of the creative mind of Venezuelan producer and artist Simon Jano, this project delves into the rich tapestry of cultures that have shaped his life's journey. Drawing inspiration from Andean and Amazonian medicinal music, the philosophy of the Lakota people, Yoruba mysticism, and other shamanic traditions, Jano explores the depths of inner knowledge through sound. While Jano began his musical journey in rock, pop, and electronic genres, he has since expanded his horizons as a singer-songwriter. 

“Idé Weré Weré (Waterfall Edition)” is a rendition of a traditional song from the Afro-Cuban Santeria religion that blends the modern reggaeton dembow beat with a sacred Yoruba chant. The lyrics praise the orisha (deity) Ochun, the goddess of love, and mention the necklace her devotees wear in her honor as a symbol of their initiation.


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