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Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars

Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars

Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars formed in the early 2000s at a refugee camp in Guinea during Sierra Leone's brutal civil war, the band brought together a diverse group of talented musicians who had all been displaced by the conflict. Their music is a vibrant fusion of traditional West African rhythms, reggae, and roots music, delivering messages of hope, unity, and social consciousness. Through their music, the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars convey a powerful message of resilience and reconciliation, proving that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit can triumph. The band's debut album, Living Like a Refugee, released in 2006, earned critical acclaim and global recognition. Since then, they've continued to tour internationally, sharing their compelling story and musical talent, and releasing several well-received albums on the Cumbancha record label.

The African reggae track “It’s So Sorry” appeared on the band’s 2014 Cumbancha release Libation. Band member Jahson Bull sings in the Sierra Leonean Krio language about the importance of taking control of your own destiny. “Don’t look to another person, brother, do your own / Because when you fail, they are ready to laugh / So when the time comes to help yourself / It’s no joke because you’ve got to work.”


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