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Scotch & Sofa

Scotch & Sofa


Singer Chloe Monin (aka Sofa) and bassist/guitarist Romain Preuss (aka Scotch) met at a jazz music school in the southern French city of Montpellier in 2004. Responding to a flyer Monin had posted on a bulletin board, Preuss joined Monin’s funk band before they decided to break off and form their own duo. The result was a delicate yet infectious combination of folk and traditional French chanson.

Their newest release "Ailleurs" goes in a slightly more pop-tinged direction and includes the song "Tu Es Le Roi", featured on Putumayo's Acoustic Paris album. Their playful band name is intended to reflect the ideal conditions under which to enjoy their music: lounging with a cocktail in hand.


Featured on

Acoustic Paris

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