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Rosi Garrido

Rosi Garrido


Rosi Garrido's musical journey began in Brazil, where her talent as a singer flourished in the evangelical church. Venturing into the Brazilian music scene, she toured with renowned artists before relocating to France in 2001. There, she founded Terraboa, blending Brazilian rhythms with covers and original compositions. Forming the Samb'a Treis trio in 2006, Garrido captivated audiences across southern France with her authentic Brazilian sound. Despite personal challenges, she released her debut album, "Me Leva," in 2013, showcasing modern rhythms and heartfelt lyrics. In 2022, Garrido ventured to Vanuatu, an island country in the South Pacific, where she recorded her latest album, "A Força do Amor." Produced by Gustavo Sandes and Rafael Thomaz, the album pays homage to her Brazilian roots with bossa nova, samba, and MPB rhythms.

“Oleti, Obrigado, Merci” highlights the beauty of shared memories and smiles, even with the looming sadness of separation. “I’m not from here / She comes from elsewhere / Halfway we meet / How the oceans mix / Drop everything and start again.” The song is a collaboration with I Nu, a duo fronted by French singer Marianne Canehmez and New Caledonian musician and songwriter Hnawejë Canehmez that blends South Pacific kanak styles with bossa nova, reggae and blues.

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