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Roger Gibbs & Shak Shak

Roger Gibbs & Shak Shak

Trinidad / Canada

Roger Gibbs is a singer and guitarist from Barbados who is devoted to the classic sound of early calypso and soca music. Gibbs grew up in a musical family and began his career singing with Caribbean dance bands in the 1970s. After studying music theory, Gibbs held a role as a Cultural Affairs Officer at the Ministry of Education & Culture in Barbados. Gibbs continued his versatile musical journey after his move to Canada in 1986, where he began collaborating with artists from various genres, including Latin, calypso, and world music. He also contributed to COBA (Collective of Black Artists) from 1993 to 2013, a leading Black dance and theatre company in Canada. Currently, Roger is actively involved in producing for Caribbean Community Engagement, a non-profit organization that organizes festivals and events celebrating the vibrant cultural heritage of the Caribbean in Canada.

With his band Shak Shak, Gibbs has released two albums of Caribbean acoustic music, “Hot So” (2012) and “Shak Shak Party” (2017). Featuring the flowing melodies of a flute and rootsy Caribbean banjo rhythms, “Fitzroy” is a laid-back instrumental tune that echoes styles of music popular in the Caribbean in the early 20th Century.


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