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Paula Mel

Paula Mel


Amidst the turbulent months of 2021, Paula Mel found herself leaving her career as a fashion designer to become a full-time samba singer. After a burst of success in Portugal, she moved back to her home country of Brazil with her musical family to continue pursuing her dream. She has since released two EPs, “Janelas” and “Janelas Vol. 2”, a live album featuring many of her biggest hits.

Her song “Definição" (Definition), feaured on Putumayo’s upcoming 5-song digital EP “Global Groove” is an upbeat samba soul song that describes the tensions that arise between a couple when the time comes to make a long-term commitment. Paula Mel's songwriter husband, Marcos de Sa, composed the song as a tribute to Jorge Aragão, one of Brazil's greatest samba singers. Aragão loved the song and ended up recording it with Paula Mel. This live version was recorded at one of Rio de Janeiro's best recording studios and features some of Brazil's most revered samba musicians.


Featured on

Global Groove

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