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Pâmela Amaro

Pâmela Amaro


Pâmela Amaro is a versatile samba musician and songwriter hailing from the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. She is an accomplished singer, percussionist and player of the cavaquinho, a small 4-string guitar that is an essential element of Brazilian samba. She emphasizes the role of women, especially those of African descent, in her work and she has collaborated with many other female artists in the Brazilian music scene.

Amaro's original composition "Negro Amar” first appeared on her debut album Samba Às Avessas, which she released in 2022. The song celebrates love in its most tender, passionate, and transformative form. "This inspirational love, spun around / It took me like the wind / It made the boat of life sail on / And filled the tides of longing."

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