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Nico Roig

Nico Roig


Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Nico Roig refers to himself as a “psychological protest singer-songwriter.” Inspired by artists such as Spanish troubadour Alberto Pla, American singer songwriter Sufjan Stevens and Brazilian legend Caetano Veloso, Roig blends diverse influences and styles into a unique musical tapestry. While Roig has a background in guitar and composition, his truest and most personal voice emerges when he writes and composes songs.

Roig recently released his new album Esto Frío No Vale Nada (This Cold is Worthless), featuring collaborations with esteemed artists from the Barcelona scene. The album featured the enchanting song “De Cara Blanca” (White Face), an ode to a ghost. “He comes with a white face / He doesn't know if he flies or walks / Poor wingless whirlwind / A landowner without a house / Know that you are not dead / You're only half lost / You are looking for someone who understands you / Like everyone else in the world."


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